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Understanding the language of custom, upholstered seating

Lee Jofa “Oscar Sofa” Sold By Kravet

There is a lot to know when choosing an upholstered piece for your home, so I’m breaking it down in consecutive posts. In Sofa Talk I, I’ll provide you with the language to describe the type of sofa you desire.

First up is the “loveseat”. This is any sofa up to 72″ wide that seats two. Loveseats are the perfect size for a small apartment or in a seating area of a generous primary bedroom. They can also be used in pairs to create a conversation area in a living room.

“Jules Loveseat” by Hickory Chair

Next up, the “Standard Sofa”. Starting at “78 inches wide, this sofa will seat 3 or more depending on width. Whether paired with another sofa or a couple of chairs, the standard sofa is a designer favorite for the flexibility it allows as opposed to a sectional which will often be determinative in the furniture layout of a room. It’s nice to have one upholstered piece that is large enough to lie down on and the standard sofa fits the bill.

“Yves” Sofa by Baker Furniture

Last, but not least, is the sectional. An American family favorite, the sectional allows a family of four to snuggle up together and watch a movie. The sectional is made up of two or more pieces that fit together to form an L-shape or U-shape. It is the family room favorite, especially for those with young children.

Next week in Sofa Talk II, we will go over different styles of sofa. Need help with all of your custom furnishings? We are here for you. Contact us for full service interior decorating.

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