Considering texture in your interior design is very important. Adding multiple textures to a space adds to the visual interest and dictates the “feel” of it quite literally.

When I was designing my laundry room, it was important to me that it felt both playful and warm. The idea was to make it a fun room to be in so that folding laundry would become less of a chore. One of the ways that I accomplished this was through bold use of a warm coral, but also by adding several textures.

Design by Happy House Interiors

The brick floor and wood ceiling bring a slightly rustic and warm feel to the space, while the metallic wallpaper and brass cabinet hardware add a reflective and elevated element.

Design by Happy House Interiors

I enjoy the juxtaposition of the green onyx on the sink base with the walnut folding table. The scalloped fireclay tile adds to the whimsical tone set by the fish on the wallpaper. I can’t stress enough how successful this design has been in improving the experience of doing laundry. It makes me smile every time I use this space, and I use it every day to get to our backyard.

When shiny and iridescent meet warm and matte finishes it creates a much more dynamic room. Take the guest bath pictured below. If we had put in a glossy marble tile and a high gloss vanity, the result would not have been as successful as it is.

Design by Happy House Interiors

The textured laminate vanity and the matte porcelain floor with a turkish rug design bring warmth and vibrancy to the otherwise sleek and shiny surfaces in this bathroom. I love the “bling” of polished chrome in a bathroom and it is made especially impressive when other elements in the room are rough in texture. The iridescent mosaic tile “sings” in contrast to the other textures. It might get lost amongst similar surfaces.

Design by Happy House Interiors

The above living room is a great example of how varying textures can help to create a room that is interesting and tells a story. The overall feel of the space is both semi-formal, but also inviting. The addition of the textured white oak floors, the plants, plush rug and velvet sofa welcome you to come in and take a seat. The lacquer of the baby grand piano, the metal and glass coffee table topped with a Lalique sculpture, and the iridescent mosaic tile on the fireplace bring a sense of glamor and elegance. This room beckons you to “Come in!”, but “Don’t put your feet up.” This space reflects the homeowner who is both sophisticated and approachable. She is down to earth and yet you wouldn’t dare be crass in her presence. She inspires you to be your best.

Who knew texture could improve your life or tell the story of who you are? Good designers know it! I can’t wait to tell your story and improve your day to day. I hope you will book a discovery call on our services page to get started.

See you next week when we will look at different styles and why I like to mix them all up into a magical design cocktail!

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