Last week we talked about mixing patterns using a monochromatic color palette in order to demonstrate hierarchy in scale and area of use with patterns. Now we will add more color. The same rules apply, but with more colors.

Photo of Thibaut: Hill Garden Wallpaper.
Thibaut: Hill Garden Wallpaper

I love this coral and green wallpaper from Thibaut. It would be beautiful in a bedroom. The wallpaper is going to be the starting point.

The wallpaper has greens, blues, coral, beige and golden tan colors, so we have a lot to choose from for our complimentary fabrics. I want to accent the coral, so I would choose a fabric with coral in a smaller scale for an upholstered headboard. Pulling one color from the wallpaper design is the key here.

Photo of Thibaut: Labyrinth Velvet in Coral.
Thibaut: Labyrinth Velvet in Coral

Next we will choose a drapery fabric. I chose the following for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to bring out the green in the wallpaper and this fabric does just that. Second, I wanted to make a nod to the pattern on the headboard without being too “matchy”.

Photo of Thibaut: Architect Embroidery in Sage.
Thibaut: Architect Embroidery in Sage

Let’s go crazy and choose some bedding too. For the comforter this green and white plaid looks great. Plaids are a favorite of mine and like gingham or polka dot, it can blend in with any theme.

Photo of Thibaut Huntington Plaid in Spruce.
Thibaut Huntington Plaid in Spruce

Lastly this tiny blue pattern on a white background reads as just the right match for the blue in the wallpaper. It is perfect for the sheets and pillows in our bedroom vignette.

Photo of Thibaut: Stella in Ocean.
Thibaut: Stella in Ocean

Let’s see how it all comes together…

Happy House Interiors Rendering.
Happy House Interiors Rendering

I love it! What do you think? Are you ready for an interior that blends colors and patterns? Contact us and let us help you make your house a “Happy House”.

Next week we will look at the importance of considering texture in your design and decorating projects.

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