Example of mixed patterns in Interior Design.

Using multiple textures in a room helps to create visual interest and keeps a space from feeling “one note”. Most people won’t enter a house and exclaim, “Wow! I love what you did with textures in here”. The impact is subtle, even subconscious, yet when it is lacking the room will feel “off”.

Photo of the Carbonera Estates living room.

Several items in our Carbonera Estates living room are about the same color. The contrast of the aubergine colored wall might be the first thing you notice, but slowly the different textures reveal themselves. The chevron hide rug, the twill chair, the tufted carpet, and concrete fireplace surround are a similar shade of white and yet the textures are so different. Brass and metal accessories along with the mirror bring a reflective sparkle next to the organic feel of the plants.

Photo of a redesigned bathroom and kitchen in Santa Cruz, California.

The ribbed tile in this Santa Cruz, California bathroom catches the light and generates a somewhat random design that makes it much more dynamic than a smooth tile would. It is crisp and clean without looking boring. In our Zen Contemporary project the juxtaposition of smooth and shiny finishes alongside rough and organic elements brings warmth and visual interest.

Photo of a redesigned kitchen in Santa Cruz, California.

There are so many things to consider when decorating or designing a home. To achieve the most successful outcome, don’t forget the importance of considering textures along with styles, eras, and color palette. Feeling overwhelmed? We are here for you. Let us help you make the many decisions involved in creating a home that feels as good as it looks.