boutique Interior Design Firm

“As a boutique interior design firm, we create one of a kind designs for clients who appreciate quality and an artistic vision.” – Melanie Lybrand, Founder

Meet The Founder

Melanie Lybrand

Melanie is a graduate of the Interior Design program at West Valley College in Saratoga, California and a certified practitioner of Flying Stars Feng Shui. Born and raised in Urbana, IL, Melanie has lived in several areas of the country making Santa Cruz, California her home in 2001. Her time in the Midwest and Eastern U.S. has given her a creative take on California style and a passion for historic architecture. She loves blending seemingly disparate styles, eras, and even colors; resulting in a magical mix that is surprisingly harmonious and refreshingly unique. She finds inspiration from faraway places and ordinary objects; from fine art and folk art; from the glimmer of precious gemstones and the texture of a river rock. She loves putting her years in the industry to work with her creative vision to design homes that reflect the people who live there, support their lifestyle, and make their home a wonderful place to be a happy house.

Our Process

Clients often don’t know what to expect during the interior design process, so we’ve outlined here the 5 interior design phases that we use as a framework for each of our projects.

  • Fill out client intake and schedule a “discovery call”.
  • Initial meeting to determine scope of work and introduce “The Happy House Process” (overall measurements are taken along with notes about what the client is hoping to achieve).
  • Proposal is presented to client in person.
  • Client signs proposal and pays ½ of the agreed upon design fee.
  • Conceptual design phase begins starting with taking detailed measurements of the space.
  • Second half of the agreed upon design fee is paid.
  • Conceptual design presentation takes place.
  • Detailed design phase begins.
  • Detailed design presentation takes place.
  • Proposals are presented for furnishings and materials.
  • Execution takes place when product is paid in full.
  • Installation.
  • Final delivery and follow up.
  • Client receives a digital file with manufacturer warranties and maintenance documents, a google review is requested.
  • Thank you is sent and a score card is sent to see where we “knocked it out of the park” and where we could use improvement.

Ready To Start Your Project?

If you’d like to start working on your interior design project, please fill out our Client Intake Form or request a complimentary 30 mins Discovery Call.